December 6, 2011

Moving Tapestry into a Third Dimension (closed)

Oct. 25 (Thu.) to Oct 27  (Sun.)          10:00-16:00

Tuition Fee: 26,250 yen
Materials Fee: included
Capacity: 5-12 students
Held in English

Application Deadline: Oct. 4 (Thu.)


In this class you will have the chance to explore your creativity by giving traditional tapestry weaving a third dimension. We shall look at ‘warp pulling’, weaving irregular shapes and incorporating wires to create abstract wallpieces. Traditional tapestry weaving techniques like hatching and shading are a central part of this course to enhance the 3D effect of your work.

Day 1: orientation, designing a small piece, preparing a paper model, setting up the frame loom, warping up, beginning to weave
Day 2: weaving, discussing finishing methods
Day 3: weaving, finishing the work

Hillu Liebelt
Textile Artist who resides in London, born in Germany. Has held exhibitions in many countries such as England, Japan, Germany, and Poland. Solo touring exhibitions DELICATE MATTERS in 2008/09 (funded by English Arts Council) at 'HISHIO - Centre for Cultural Exchange' in Katsuyama / Okayama Prefecture and the UK, solo touring exhibition STILL MOMENTS will start at Art Life Mitsuhashi and Gallery Yuragi from Oct. 16-28.2012  and will be shown in two museums in the UK in 2013.


To apply, please contact us using our inquiry form or by email (kts(at), and we will send you the application form. Please fill it in and send it back to us by Oct. 4 (Thu.).

Please let us know if you would like to stay at our dormitory during the course.
Check-in: Oct. 24 (Wed.)

Please do not cancel. We may charge you a cancellation service fee.