December 8, 2014

Second Deadline for Spring Courses

*updated Dec 10 :1 seat available in the Beginners Course

There are still some seats available in the International Students Course in spring 2015, so we will be accepting more applications until JANUARY 30, 2015. If you are interested in joining us, please send in your application form by then. We will contact you in February after the selection process.

Please note that we will be closed and cannot return your e-mails during Winter Vacation (Dec 27-Jan 12), and during the Graduate Exhibition (Jan 13, 14-17).

Beginners Course: 1 seat available
Foundation Kasuri Course: 1 seat available
Applied Kasuri Course I: 1 seat available
Applied Kasuri Course II, III: 3 seats available

photo: Nassen Gasuri in Applied Kasuri Course I