December 9, 2008


On 4th Dec. 2008, regular course students visited Kabuki theater "Minami-Za" in Kyoto which is one the most famous Kabuki theaters in Japan. 

"Minami-Za" organises the most marvelous plays in Dec. every year to show main Kabuki actors who will play at the "Minami-Za" next year. Kabuki fans look forward to this season.

Most of the regular course students see Kabuki for the first time. They enjoyed the play, costumes and atmosphere very much.

You can see plates with names of kabuki actors in the first photo above (written in Kanji characters by calligraphy). These plates are displayed at the entrance of the theater. This style of calligraphy which leaves little space on the plates is unique to Kabuki to express the hope of the organiser that the theater should be full of guests.

Different from other Kabuki theaters, "Minami-Za" reserves special seats for Maiko dancers in Dec. (You can find a Maiko in the middle photo.)

The third photo is to show the stage curtain at the theater which is the work of the Kawashima-Selkon Textile company Ltd. who established the Kawashima Textile School.

Kawashima Textile School plans to organise Kabuki visit in Dec. 2009, too. International students come in Dec. 2009 can join this event if they want.

KTS staff
Kimiko Kawamata