July 4, 2014

Zazima Asavesna

Just only a few years ago I became interested in textile weaving. It started with the passion that I have for natural dyes.

I live in an area where the use of traditional textile and the practice of hand weaving is common, therefore people around me tend to be surprised when they heard about my decision of going to Japan to weave.

It actually turned out to be one of the best and worthwhile decisions I've ever made.

In the Beginners and Foundation Kasuri Course I've gained a lot of important fundamental knowledge that I think is going to be very useful for creating works in my entire future. We were taught to aim for perfection even when we know it will not turn out perfectly. I found that I've learned to appreciate the sophistication and refinement of fine textile crafts.

Applying what I learned from Japan with my local loom and weaving tools at home is a big challenge for me. The more I tried the more surprises I found.

Being surrounded by the energy of textile enthusiasts is a very special feeling. Seeing all the looms and weaving tools in the studio, observing students' works in progress, making new friends, exchanging thoughts and ideas, seeing indigo plants outside the window growing bigger every day, being so close to nature and wildlife, going to galleries and craft markets, visiting textile artists' studios are some of my impressive memories at the time of my study at Kawashima Textile School.

Borderless Borders

from the KTS Graduate Exhibition, Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art, March 2014

I am touched by the existence of harmony between different cultures. I have tried to integrate the knowledge of kasuri with the practice and tools of Thai Mud-Mee weavings. Inspired by a simple weft ikat line pattern that is commonly seen on the bottom of traditional women's skirts in the north-eastern region of Thailand, this line is known as "dan." It literally means "border."

on the loom

Zazima Asavesna (Thailand)


Zazima studied in the Beginners Course, Foundation Kasuri Course and Applied Kasuri Course I in spring 2013.