April 26, 2012


1. Our indigo seeds have sprouted! They will be used in July in the Shifu 2 workshop and Natural Dyeing workshop.

2. Backstrap weaving class (1st year)

3. Second year students are making sakiori (rag weaving) samples using fabric remnants from artist Shihoko Fukumoto's work. They were originally made for patch cloths.

4. Nassen Gasuri (stencil dyeing kasuri) class (2nd year)

April 13, 2012

Hello spring

Our "school cherry tree" is not quite ready to bloom yet, but here is the weeping cherry in front of the Textile Museum, located next to our school.

We have just started our new school year last week.

April 4, 2012

Graduate Exhibition: Photos and Award Winners

Please click here to see photos from the graduation exhibition held in March.

K Award
Fumie Harigai (Technical Studies Course)

"Kingyo-so (Snapdragon)"

T Award
Kana Suda (2nd year)

"Decked out in Checks"

S Award
Naoko Hori (2nd year)

"Folk Toy Animals"

"Gem Stone"